5 years of trading with THE MMSIC Group Alexei Mikejlov

Forex has been my professional sphere for five years. At that time I worked with several brokers, but the conditions that would fully correspond to my ideas for mutually beneficial online trading, I found only recently on the site forex-mmsic.ru. Previously, I had about mmsic group but mistakenly believed that its scope is limited to investment. As it turned out, there is another mmsic project – a world-class broker, headed by a professional entrepreneur, professor of the New York Stock Exchange Trading Academy Mitchell Nunes. Since I am a little familiar with this person’s activities, I decided to personally test the work of the company and compare it with the work of the marketing center, whose client was at the time.

The first thing I would like to mention is the immediate execution of orders. According to this criterion, the forex mmsis group exceeded all the indicators that I met earlier. The second is quality analysis. Trading almost according to the analytical forecasts of the experts of this shopping center, I was constantly on the “plus side”. It is also worth adding a hassle-free entry and withdrawal of funds in a few hours and a rich selection of trading tools.

Nuance in the work of this broker – if you earn by scalping, then MMSIC GROUP you will not be suitable – piping and scalping are prohibited.

Based on my tests, I decided to change the trading center and am currently working with an MMSIC broker. My forex trading income has exceeded all previous indicators, so Personally I tend to believe that this company is the best that is in our country at the moment.

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