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Bill Viliams - Bill Williams - Famous tradersBill Williams is not only a talented investor, a legendary futures trader, but also the creator of a new direction in market analysis, which rejects the use of fundamental analysis and is based on the theory of chaos. Millions of traders wish to study at the Profitunity Trading Group trading school, created by Bill Williams, and the number of readers of his books on exchange trading can hardly be estimated by any of the existing methods.

Bill Williams began to engage in trading in his student years – this was a joint lesson for him and his college friend. Since then, trading has tightly entered the life of Williams and now he claims that trading is the most fascinating activity in his life.

Even at the time of the fray of failure, Bill Williams did not think about changing his field of work, because, as he said, “When I’m trading, I know myself, for me it’s some kind of psychological therapy, my own exposure to myself. It should be noted that during his trading activity Bill Williams used all kinds of tools to analyze the market: he wrote expensive analytical editions, read Expert Advisor forecasts and reports on various data, and held an exchange channel at home. But, as a result, having refused from reception of the information from all above-stated sources, it has created the own theory of trading, based on concept of chaos.

The advantage of this theory is that it completely rejects any kind of analysis. Fundamental analysis cannot give a clear picture of the state of the enterprise, as the vector of its development is influenced by thousands of factors that are simply impossible to take into account. For followers of Bill Williams’ chaos theory, it does not matter what data is published in the reports, what analysts’ forecasts or company reports are. The only indicator that attracts their interest is the price on the chart. The same is true for technical analysis. He rejects his linearity and absurdity. Chaos theory teaches you to feel the market, not to waste time studying all sorts of data, which eventually turns out to be just unnecessary garbage. It should be noted that the theory of chaos is applicable not only to the definition of large trends, but also in the period of turmoil and uncertainty.

Thus, after the terrorist attacks in America, during the fall of the markets, Bill Williams, thanks to his theory, earned up to 300% of the profit in a week by trading long. The investor himself notes that this is the year that has become the most profitable for the entire period of his investment activity.