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NPBFX is one of the leading platforms on the Russian market. Today, it is one of the few brokerage services that applies a business strategy with the possibility of withdrawing funds into the interbank space.

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NPBFX started operations in 1996. For many years, the specifics of the work have been improved and supplemented with new services.  Currently, NPBFX operates under license to trade in financial and commodity derivatives and other securities. It is worth noting that all documents fully comply with the requirements governing the work of financial institutions.  One of the key advantages of the company is its cooperation with Nefteprombank and the status of a category member in the international independent organization Financial Commission. As a result, all client funds (up to €20,000 per person) are insured against the bankruptcy of the brokerage organization.  Since its inception, the company has been in a leading position in both Russian and international markets. To achieve this level and continuously maintain leadership allow for high quality services and continuous development in this area.  For example, in 2016, NPBFX changed its position in trading precious metals such as gold and silver, added CFDs on crude oil and petroleum products. And also launched a large web portal with many exclusive tools and useful information. It is worth noting that their use is completely free of charge. 

Also renamed in early 2016. The broker then began working with clients on behalf of the international organization NPBFX Limited.  It was in this brokerage office that the first STP/NDD technology was used to eliminate conflicts with customers. Almost all traders can cooperate with the popular, and most importantly – reliable terminal Meta Trader 4. 

It is connected to a liquidity machine and allows you to withdraw your earned funds via Tier 1. The organization also allows a mobile version of commerce from common platforms: Android, Windows, or iOS.

Due to ongoing work on improving the quality of services provided, its own e-commerce terminal has been developed. Its main differences were a simple interface that is very convenient for novice entrepreneurs. 

Years of work in this field, NPBFX has managed to gain an excellent reputation, continuously support it and expand its range of services. Employees of the organization have created comfortable working conditions for both beginners and professionals, scalpers or algorithmic traders. 

It is worth noting that this platform is universal for different types of trading. Only here you can work on certain strategies without any violations. 

Company analysts are constantly updating data in the organization portal. Almost all tools for predicting the market situation are posted on the site. 

Also on the portal are:

series of economic calculators; various modifications to the investor’s calendars; historical variability data, types of bets; webinars of experts and financial analysts of the company. 

Broker NPBFX: Stocks and Bonuses

For its clients Inex broker NPBFX offers promotional and bonus offers:

Damages. The Company provides services in respect of damages previously received in commercial transactions. To claim the bonus, you must send a loss report to npbfx. The report must include the number of transactions for which you want to receive payments. Deposit funds into your trading account to participate in the action. It is worth noting that the total amount can not be greater than the amount of the replenishment. The compensation is then credited to the customer’s account. Cashback. After trading, you can receive cashback from the trade. To do this, you need to top up your account and enter into a contract. Offer. 

Also the broker regularly organizes competitions for clients. Often money or other valuable rewards are a reward.

Review Forex Broker NPBFX

Overall, the company’s work is organized at a high level. Customers have the opportunity not only to enter into commercial transactions, but also to improve their knowledge in every way in this topic with such a special project as an analytical portal. 

As an undoubted advantage, users notice the presence of accounts for different currencies and quick withdrawals. It is produced mainly the day after application. 

Customers also pay attention to 24/7 technical support and great commercial training opportunities. Many pay attention to the reliability and simplicity of withdrawal. Some users choose NPBFX specifically for oil trading. 

Most customers see the lack of spam as one of the main advantages. All messages are sent once a week. The same scheme is carried out and distribution of statements from the trading account. 

Broker NPBFX occupies a leading position on the Russian market. Working with this company is organized competently and simply and does not create a conflict of interest between the broker and clients.

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