eToro Broker: Website, Terms and Conditions and Benefits

etoro broker strona internetowa warunki handlowe i korzysci 0 - eToro Broker: Website, Terms and Conditions and Benefits 101,000 eToro company appeared more than a decade ago, in 2007. Initially, he focused on the sphere of online trading. The company also specialized in helping investors to trade in financial markets with maximum profit. eToro is a platform that is available to users from all over the world. Wherever the Internet is, it is free of charge. The platform works on all types of devices, including mobile devices. The company has many attractive offers for entrepreneurs. Solutions from eToro broker are important for both professionals and novice stock market speculators.

Among their advantages are: a minimum deposit of $100 and an accelerated withdrawal. the eToro platform is very convenient for novice traders. It takes a few minutes to register with this broker. The personal office on the eToro platform is characterized by a simple and intuitive design. It is safe to say that this company is not a banal “kitchen”. eToro’s goal is to provide users with the best social service to trade in financial markets. Platform

is based on the principle of a social network. This approach creates new opportunities for market participants. After logging in, users access their colleagues’ pages. This allows them to benefit from another person’s experience in trading. Using successful strategies makes trading more profitable. Entry to CopyTrader and Popular Investor will allow the trader to reveal all available options 100%. The usual Forex “kitchen” is not able to offer users something similar. The broker was able to implement this idea, and he did it very talented and qualitatively. Platform

is interesting for intraday investors and for those who focus on long-term strategies. EToro has developed a copyPortfolios fund. Here wallets are ordered on a specific topic. The platform includes a wide range of trading solutions and strategies.

The broker’s official website features a simple yet intuitive interface. Trading with eToro can be any country in the world. More than 6 million users from different parts of the world have already registered in their personal office.

eToro Broker: Real Reviews

eToro Platform reviews show that users are generally satisfied with this company. Most of them say that the official website of the broker is perfectly optimized, and the system developed by him – simple, effective and extremely transparent. Personal office is well protected from hackers by scammers. They will not be able to steal funds from customers who have been registered with the system. Currently, eToro cooperates with users from dozens of countries and regions.

Sometimes there are reviews that contain information that this company – fraudsters, SCAM and “throws” and their entire system – plain “divorce”. Most of these reviews look like a regular “order”. Real users are more restrained in their comments. Even those who are not satisfied with any episodes of work with the company, do not write that eToro – scammers, SCAM and “kidals”, but only claims, with a detailed description of the problem.

It should be noted that there are almost no real reviews confirming the unreliability of the company. Positive comments about this project can be found on the official website of the broker. The platform under consideration operates stably and efficiently. This is certainly not a “divorce”, and the company itself does not consist of scammers and “throws”. The project clearly does not belong to the SCAM category.

The Company strictly complies with financial regulations. Its activities are regulated by several renowned international structures. More information about this can be found on the official website of the company. The relevant section contains licences and authorisations from market regulators.

etoro broker strona internetowa warunki handlowe i korzysci 1 - eToro Broker: Website, Terms and Conditions and Benefits

eToro official website

The official eToro website is designed with maximum safety and 100% reliability principles. Access to the system is possible from any country where internet access exists. You can use your company’s software on all types of devices. Please note that the official website uses a secure way to store customer data and money.

Replenishment and deposit is made via the official website. These operations are available in the user’s personal account. Even the lowest deposit is safely protected from the actions of intruders. During the registration process, users must not be afraid to that their personal data will be stolen through the official website by some scammers, “throws” to the next network “divorce”. Scammer companies have such incidents quite often.

Technical support service works 24/7. Go to your personal office and go through verification to access all the functionality of the service. In this task, you can ask for the help of a company consultant.

Also on the official website there is information about trading on exchanges, in particular news. Your personal office has everything you need for profitable trading. Once the registration process is complete, you will have the opportunity to participate in training.

By logging into a private account, users have access to trade on demo and real account. The minimum deposit of this broker is only $100. It is also important that the company works closely with financial market giants such as Russia’s Sberbank and China’s Ping An Group.

eToro Broker: Development History

The company began its path to success in 2007. Two years after the official registration, the broker developed its own WebTrader platform. This made life easier for beginners in the market. The platform is characterized by an intuitive interface, high speed and perfectly implemented adaptation to mobile gadgets.

In 2011, OpenBook, a social trading system, was developed. Access to it was opened through the broker’s official website. 2012 was the year the company went public. The company therefore managed to attract new users and gave investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios.

In 2013, a mobile app was launched that made trading even more convenient and convenient. The platform has become much more convenient for use on iOS and Android devices.

In 2015, the official website was redesigned. The design page has become even more convenient and convenient to use. The functionality of online trading has been improved. A year later, copyPortfolios was launched. This allowed users to significantly increase the profitability of trading.

In 2017 CopyPortfolios has the ability to create investment portfolios based on Microsoft technology. The IT giant has developed artificial intelligence, which helps traders make the most profit.

Broker has undergone registration procedure from FCA and CySEC. “Kitchens” from the SCAM category, as well as many scammers and “divorce” scammers, can not even theoretically obtain certificates from these regulators. The company was later registered with Australian ASIC. In this way, the broker has obtained powers from almost all reputable financial regulators. This means that working with it is completely safe.

What is an eToro “chip”?

Trading with CopyTrader is a great opportunity to automate trading through one-click trades. Instead of withdrawing funds, they can be directed to duplicate trades by more experienced traders. So you can significantly increase the level of profit.

On the basis of copyTrader and popular investor services, another product was created – CopyPortfolios. It is an innovative tool containing a huge database of information from the best stock market investors. The service is easy to manage and allows you to make reasonable investments. Withdrawals are made as soon as possible. This is confirmed by both new and old customers of the company.

One of the principles of eToro is 100% transparency. To ensure that the project does not constitute a trivial “divorce”, examine the financial indicators and legal documentation on the official website of the broker. It contains all the necessary information about its activities.

The company has proven itself among traders all over the world. It is a safe broker, which makes life much easier for beginners. Social services are a kind of know-how. It was this company that brought them to life first. There are no hidden commissions or other fees.

It is also important that the minimum deposit is only $100. Many reputable companies have a much higher threshold for entering trading. We believe this broker will be the best choice for novice traders.

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