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Nick Lisson – Famous traders


Nik Lisson - Nick Lisson - Famous traders

Nick Lisson is a well-known financier, but his fame is very tragic. Throughout the world, Nick Lisson is known as the man who ruined the most reliable and stable bank in British history – Barings. This bank was founded by the Barings family in 1762 and survived about 12 generations of descendants of its founders. However, he was unable to survive the decline of the Japanese securities market in 1995, mainly due to the activities of Nick Lisson.

Nick Lisson was born in a family of builders and his


Thomas Row Price – Famous traders

price bio - Thomas Row Price - Famous traders


Thomas Row Price

Thomas Row Price was born in 1898 in Glinden, Maryland. After graduating from high school, Thomas goes to Svartmosk College of Chemistry. As a chemist, he managed to work for several companies before he realized that his true passion was the financial market. He has always been interested in studying the analysis of financial statements, technological products of companies, political and economic development of society.

If he takes some time to get a job at a brokerage firm. Thomas was responsible for working with clients


Jesse Leavenmore – Famous traders


Jesse Livermore 300x200 - Jesse Leavenmore - Famous traders

Jesse Livenmore is a unique figure in the history of the exchange. It was he who managed to accomplish what neither before nor after him could not be repeated by any stockbroker. In 1907, he earned three million dollars in one day, causing a huge collapse of the financial market. In 1929, he once again managed to make similar manipulations, earning more than a hundred million dollars in the collapse of the market. But this time it took more than one day.

The path to Jesse Livenmore’s wealth was


Michael Steinhardt is legend in the hedge fund world

michael steinhardt - Michael Steinhardt is legend in the hedge fund world


Michael Steinhardt

The American trader Michael Steinhard proved himself in several areas: hedge fund management, investing, journalism and charity. He is called one of the outstanding graduates of the Wharton School of Business and a pioneer among hedge managers. In the well-known financial bestselling book “There is more money than God”, S. Mallaby notes that Steinhardt became “a true legend in the history of hedge funds: partly this was facilitated by trading successes, and partly by his personal qualities”.



Peter Lynch – Famous traders


Piter Linch 213x300 - Peter Lynch - Famous traders

Peter Lynch has earned the title of one of the greatest investors in the world as the manager of the Magellan Fund. This title was awarded to him by the Wall Street Journal for the results he achieved at the head of the Magellan Fund. Peter Lynch took a senior position at the Magellan Fund in 1977. At that time, the fund’s assets were about $20 million. In 1990, when Peter Lynch decided to retire from active service to spend more time with his family, the value of the


Linda Bradford Ruske – Famous traders

linda rashke 249x300 - Linda Bradford Ruske - Famous traders


Linda Bradford Ruske

Linda Bradford Raške is known as the author of numerous articles, “Wall Street Virtuososos” and, most importantly, as a practicing trader with 33 years of experience. For more than three decades she has managed to work at the Pacific Stock Exchange and Philadelphia Stock Exchange, to prove herself in trading through Quotron and – not without difficulties – to master modern trading programs. Today she runs her own firm LBRGroup and enjoys the reputation of a highly qualified managing trader.

Beginning of the career path


John Murphy – Famous traders


John Merfi 252x300 - John Murphy - Famous tradersJohn Murphy specializes in technical analysis and is the author of the most popular books in this field. He and his partner Greg Morris are also president of two companies. One of them, MurphyMorris Inc., focuses on technical analysis, while the other, MurphyMorris Money Management Corp. “MurphyMorris Money Management Corp. is also a springboard for testing the viability of technical concepts developed by John Murphy – the company’s work relies heavily on the experience Murphy has gained over his 30-year career.

When John Murphy received his bachelor’s degree in


Richard Dennis – Famous traders


Richard Deniss - Richard Dennis - Famous traders

Richard Dennis had to borrow $1600 from his relatives in order to start trading on the stock exchange, because he couldn’t afford such luxury while working as a messenger on a stock exchange. With this money he bought a place on “Mid Am” – the exchange where small versions of ordinary contracts are traded. The place cost $1,200, so Richard had only four hundred left to trade. Either due to his incredible luck or due to his thought-out and quality strategy, Richard Dennis managed to turn this money into


Larry Heyt – Famous traders

larry hite - Larry Heyt - Famous traders


Larry Hite

Larry Height became interested in financial markets during one of the lectures. In fact, Hight’s childhood and student years did not predict his future success. Whatever the young guy did not take on, for a long time he was missing until he found himself in a dual profession – actor and screenwriter. Here, too, his success was not significant, although one of the film scenarios that never found its way into production was sold often enough for Larry to consider it a major source of income.


Warren Buffett – Famous traders


Yoren Baffet 300x300 - Warren Buffett - Famous traders

Now Warren Buffett 71 years old. He has achieved a lot in his life: he has become a well-known portfolio manager, was ranked among the top five richest people in America by Forbes Magazine, earned the title of a great investor and achieved a great degree of influence on Wall Street.

Warren Buffett took his first investment steps under the direction of Ben Graham, working for his Wall Street investment fund, Graham Newman. Over the five years of work there, Buffett managed to turn the original 10,000 dollars into