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Finversia website opens a new online Forex TV section. It will include video reviews on the foreign exchange market as well as current financial opinions. Every day, portal employees will receive fresh analytical data, economic information, market analysis. In addition, experts will help you better understand the market and its processes by analyzing the news, articles and biographies of online commerce professionals.

The published news will contain information about working in the financial market.

Specialists note that all data collected on the site can help investors better understand trading processes.

The daily service will present fresh videos with up-to-date analyses: forecasts, news, sales reports. Finversia TV experts monitor the emergence of new trends and on this basis make reviews. Site visitors receive optimized Forex information from our videos. The data can be found in subsections:

News from Finversia TV

In this section there are global news about the economy that affects market processes. Here are a few factors that influence the performance of the market: the level of the US-Japan trade balance, data from the German labour market, macroeconomics of the situation in the euro area, the crisis in Italy and Greece, as well as information on the real estate sector in the world. The company’s specialists prepare a detailed overview of the news and their impact on the market.

Calendar of subsections on Finversia TV

Under Calendar you can find an important trading tool called Economic Calendar. This allows the user to know the clear dates of publication of the message and a subsequent analysis of the profitability of the transaction. The fact is that the news can affect the level of asset returns. It’s time to learn everything and evaluate – half the business in getting the maximum profit. In the calendar of the Information Portal Finversia TV is able to predict market indicators, calculate trade correction points, as well as calculate the likely fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.

TV Market Review


Finversia TV Analytics Specialists develop Forex news that allows to assess the processes of the foreign exchange market. In addition, the section contains video information about news from the financial market. Users of the portal receive information about exchange rates, changes in global indices, as well as the levels of securities prices of world companies and trading volumes.

Geography on Finversia TV

One of the company’s tasks is to participate in trade fairs and events related to the market currency. In the section, users can read videos about global events from the World of Forex, as well as reviews of these events. Journalists on these issues examine in detail how these events work, as well as organisational issues that affect quality.

It is worth explaining that the published information is introductory and recommending, it is by no means an invariant principle to act. In videos, you can learn about recommendations and personal experience of specialists who may not be suitable for a particular entrepreneur. Therefore, Finversia TV is not responsible for decisions made by a market participant in connection with the use of data on the portal.

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