“Forex Fundamental Indicators” by Konstantin Kondakov

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Konstantin Kondakov’s book “How to See and Forex Forex Forex: Fundamental Indicators”

Trader’s work on the currency market is impossible without analysis of the situation. At the moment there are two basic methods of Forex market analysis – technical and fundamental. Experienced traders often try to create some hybrids of these two analyses, trying to find the golden mean of the two sources of information.


But combining two methods of analysis into one way of reading and predicting the situation is the prerogative of really experienced traders. Forex beginners, as a rule, cannot decide for a long time which of the methods is better to work with. It is for such market participants that professional trader Konstantin Kondakov has written a unique book called “How to See and Forex Forex: Fundamental Indicators”.

The uniqueness of this book lies in the fact that the author helps people to choose the method of market analysis. Based on personal experience, observations and conclusions, the author explains in an accessible and simple form the key points of fundamental analysis, considers the cause-effect relationships in the behavior of central world banks, the formation of currency quotes, raises the veil of consumer price mystery and other popular indicators. Konstantin Kondakov in his book “How to See and Forex Forex: Fundamental Indicators” also pays special attention to the psychology of behavior of market participants. Based on specific examples, the trader learns to recognize and predict the behavior of traders on certain news related to the Forex market, to determine their further actions and actions.

Trader’s book Kondakov is the most practical tool to study the fundamental analysis of the Forex market. It discusses all the main features of the method, its laws and anomalies, success stories and failures, their causes and consequences.

Konstantin Kondakov also reminds readers that fundamental analysis can be much more interesting than technical analysis. After all, the method is based not on dry statistical figures, mathematical calculations and multilevel equations, but rather on everyday, habitual and inevitable macroeconomic indicators, which in any case affect human life.

But the main feature of the book “How to See and Forecast the Market: Fundamental Forex Indicators” is that its target audience is not closed on the beginners of the Forex market. Professionals can also read it, as the publication fully reveals the concept of fundamental analysis as a phenomenon. Therefore, Konstantin Kondakov’s book should be bought by everyone who intends to succeed at the currency exchange, regardless of their experience, trading experience or achievements.