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I’ve been working on Forex since 2008. My broker is forex MMCIS group. My cooperation with this company took place through a website located in Russia. Although internet trading and forex trading have no territorial restrictions, I was a little confused by the fact that there was no Ukrainian analogue. I was very glad when the Ukrainian website Forex MMCIS Ukraine was launched. This means that the company’s management paid attention to its customers located in other countries.

Although, again, during the absence of forex mmcis.yua I did not notice any inconvenience in trading on Forex – orders were executed quickly, the questions of technical support answered quickly, when ordering a call necessarily called back, the online consultation service worked without interruption, the money was withdrawn without problems. So the opening of Forex MMCIS (Ukraine) became a pleasant addition to the work, rather than a necessity.

By the way, I regularly use the library located at forex mmsis yua – I have never met such a quantity of high-quality literature on forex anywhere, especially in free access. Recently I began to actively use the unique service of the forex MMCIS group dealing center – the opportunity to take part in free tournaments. I have seen for myself how interesting such a system is to clients: firstly, participation in such tournaments at forex mmcis ua is an opportunity to get invaluable practical experience, and secondly, an opportunity to earn money. Moreover, not as in other dealing centers – earnings are credited to the account from which you can trade, and the real money, which can be withdrawn within an hour. In addition to online forex trading, I often participate in week-long free tournaments, winning quite large sums of money.