Forex Strategy for $200 per Day

Capital protection is one of the priorities of every trader. The stop-loss tool is an indispensable helper in calculating risk and saving money against losses.  Strategies with its use are able to bring a solid profit in a short time.

But stop-loss alone is more than just a tactic. It’s more of a method. Traders can not do without it, but at the same time it can be used as an independent strategy.  

Forex Trading Strategy

Stop Loss is an order made by a broker to sell a hedge when it reaches a certain price. This is often associated with long-term transactions, but it can also perform its function at a glance. First of all, stop-loss strategies are a sober and competent risk assessment. The more you take a chance, the more you will get. 

Stop-loss. Before you use any trading strategy, it is important to understand what it is. 

Stop-loss focuses primarily on the sale of securities after they have reached a certain ‘peak’ value on the stock exchange, including the protection of a certain part of the capital against loss during trading. This is especially common for those who cannot constantly control the trading process.

We will give you some examples of stop-loss strategies as well as talk about the reasons why its use is actually a win-win forex strategy.

Stop-loss strategies. Stop-loss strategies are included in forexver No6-forex strategy. Once you have started to correctly determine the supply and demand in the market, you can start actively applying protection for trade: the primary factor for a stop-loss strategy is the trader’s ability to assess the market according to analytical data.  

Each strategy is purely individual, so you should choose from an approach based on your interests, experience and desired profit. Forex analysis will help you determine your approach. 

Pin Bar. In the case of bullish or other pinbars, stop-loss should be placed in the tail to avoid serious losses in the event of a trend collapse. However, when the price goes through the stop-loss mark, it is no longer possible to configure the pin bar, and this is a natural market signal, that the configuration was simply not strong enough.

Internal Trade Strategy Bar. When trading in a national bar, you can choose from two options for entering a limit: either at one of the bar-mother levels or at the level of the inner bar itself. 

It is considered a safer order location at the back of the home bar. Especially effective this approach, if your main goal is to protect capital along with profit.  It is important to understand that the internal and external pinbar in the case of a stop-loss strategy works in a similar way: as soon as the price changes over the character set as “stop”, the bar settings will be reset. 

Variable currency pairs require a more cautious approach and an impressive corridor between entry and rate, so that the parent bar strategy becomes particularly profitable with them.

Forex Stop Loss Strategy “Hands Off”. This strategy is ideal for emotional traders who find it difficult to follow improved tactics under the threat of losing all trading. As you already understood, the main goal of the strategy is to set stop-loss, make the necessary settings and no longer contact the transaction until it is completed. 

Essence of Hands Off is that you do not change the settings during the transaction, which allows you to reduce the chances of early stoppage, avoid emotional reactions and keep stop-loss within an acceptable distance. 

The most common strategy is stop-loss win-win. Undoubtedly, many traders invest maximum in their safety, but without losses there is no good profit in trading. 

It does not bode well for you, but the strategy is not so bad for beginners: no one knows at what point you enter. and stop-loss will guarantee capital protection if you earn. This strategy is often called “Stop-loss 50%”, but what part of the capital to protect – only your decision is not necessarily half. 

Over forex market forecast for today


In the near future, it is expected that it will increase trading in European currencies in the near future, in view of the next UK Brexit meeting – the decision will depend on the further exchange rate.  In September 2019, there is an impressive trend of in the deposit, as well as – trading in the USD/JPY currency pair, which intensified at the beginning of the month and continues to grow until the second half. 

Good assessment of risks and advantages in the market is one of the main keys to success when using stop-loss orders in trading. 

They can be an excellent tool assistant with the right strategy, but its choice depends solely on the state of the market and the maximum risk allowed for the trader. 

Stop-loss is a strategy in which the basic is to stop trading on time and with a competent approach the profit can exceed 200 USD per day!

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