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George Soros was born into a Jewish family, so his survival instincts were instilled in him from childhood. Having before his eyes the example of his father, who, in order to take the family out of the territory occupied by the Germans during the Second World War, forged documents, Soros discovered one of the principles of survival: “Obedience to the law has become a dangerous addiction; to survive, you have to bypass the law. According to Soros himself, he used this principle many times when the situation demanded it. Maybe that’s why George Soros was accused of playing unfairly in share tradingand currencies.

The way in which Soros found a way out of this situation was quite simple – he got a certificate stating that the arbitration experts should be young, as they die young. Based on this document, the government allowed Soros to enter the U.S.

In the end, Soros opened his hedge fund. As for his investment activities in the currency market and other derivatives markets, George Soros himself stated that he uses a very wide range of methods for decision-making, from fundamental research to bare instincts.

In September 1992, after the Bank of England’s failed attempts to stabilize the exchange rate of the pound sterling, George Soros appeared out of the shadows, unknown to anyone at that moment, with a statement that he had earned $1 million in speculation against the British pound. By doing so, he gave such weight to his name that its public use could subsequently have a significant impact on global financial markets. In particular, the last statement is perfectly illustrated by the so-called Soros con in March 1993. The investor has publicly announced that, according to his information, China is going to buy gold soon. At the same time, the excitement caused by his words allowed the prices of gold to rise by 20%. And while the gullible young investors were buying gold, George Soros was secretly selling his reserves, earning his 40% or 100% profit. He has done this trick many times, especially in the young financial markets, which have no experience of working with foreign investors.

Now Soros is the owner of the offshore hedge fund Quantum Fund NV. At the same time, the investor himself is not officially officially in his board, but is just an investment adviser. The founders of the fund are 99 investors, among whom there is not a single American. The situation is similar with the management of the fund – its directors are Swiss, Italian and British financiers.