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Hetty Green

Hetty Green is one of the most mysterious women in U.S. history. In the 20 years of the last century, her name was commonplace, in the 30 years with great fear was filmed her biography, in the 40 years of this woman forgotten about all. And in the 70’s it was remembered again, when the Guinness book called her “the most stingy man in history. The world learned that the fabulously rich Hetty Green all her life fed on cold oatmeal, and her son was amputated leg because her mother dragged out with treatment, as a very long search for a free hospital.

There is no less, Green is still considered one of the richest women in human history. It’s true that financial America didn’t immediately submit to a woman. You can’t say Hetty was in endless trouble, but the stars didn’t fall from the sky for her either. She didn’t jump from her quarry either. Methodologically and without much attention to the success of the traders, she went to her own: catching fish, building shipyards and investing in whaling trips of sailors. Waiting tactics were perfect for Green. The woman did not have her own money (everything that was earned together with her father was in her father’s account), and if Hetty even had money, her family mores would not have allowed her to develop her activity in full. Years have gone by, upstarts are rich, and Green’s been waiting. Waiting even when markets, banks and other people’s capitals were growing and dollar fever was going on in all states.

And now it’s time In 1864, Hetty’s father dies. New horizons open up for women – super-profitable and powerful. But first, I had to close some cases back home in New Bedford. According to his father’s will, about $7 million was transferred to Hetty, while whaling business was transferred to the deceased’s brothers, to buy and manage. But the trouble is that according to family traditions, business and income from it was owned by the whole family, and it was forbidden to transfer the property to any particular person.

Henrietta makes it clear to her family what kind of field she is. The woman said she would personally kill and feed the sharks anyone who would stand in her way to her father’s money. She reinforced her words by completely burning down one of the family docks with three large whaling boats. The point with relatives was set after the death of Auntie Sylvia Holland, who by her will divided the state among all family members equally. Hetty didn’t like it, and she makes a copy of the aunt’s will, according to which all the money is bequeathed only to her, and goes to court with this will. Naturally, the Femisda recognized this document as a fake. No one expected such meanness, and the relatives decided to give up their inheritance claims far away from sin. Thus, the goal of Hetty Green was achieved.

It is worth noting that for his extraordinary actions, as well as his lifestyle, Henriette Green has the nickname of Wall Street witch. And that’s not surprising. Add one of Hetty’s favorite phrases to it: “When I get into a fight, there’s usually a funeral. And this funeral isn’t mine,” and her nickname won’t seem so unfair anymore.