History of work with TeleTRADE


TeleTRADE - History of work with TeleTRADE

Since TeleTRADE I’ve been working with this company for more than five years and I’m very satisfied with the work with it. I haven’t made money this fast anywhere else. Their conditions were optimal for me – I deposited $800 into the account and on the first day of trading on the forex market made 100% income. I’ve worked with several dealing centers and I couldn’t make a profit of this size in any of them.

While you’re new to it and think you can make money as quickly as you are, you’ll have to be disappointed. I do it because I’m not a beginner in forex for a long time.

And I understand the basic rule: forex is not a lottery, as many people tend to think, it’s an environment that can be affected by almost everything, from the growth rate of different countries to the number of unemployed in the U.S. That’s why I’m always very attentive to the news, reading analytics and following literally all the events, which at least indirectly concern the financial sphere. Fortunately, my broker with information flows does not have any problems – on the official TeleTRADE website I always find prompt, fresh and important information and read quality analytical reviews.

If we talk directly about Forex trading, I consider TeleTRADE the best broker for three reasons:

  1. Practically complete absence of slippage
  2. Avery instant withdrawal (compared to other brokers)
  3. Lack of major technical problems (worked at the same time with BroCo, as their servers can hang for hours)