Is it possible to learn trading from books?

knigi dlya treydinga - Is it possible to learn trading from books?Many people are sure that Forex trading is easy and fast money. Well, you should know that it’s a big deal first. In general, there are a lot of books on trading in the network, including from Forex brokers, and I can tell you how to use them 100%.

The goal of reading such books is to assimilate as much information as possible through conscious reflection, even if it takes much longer than usual.

  • Each day set aside time to read. Ideally it should be at least an hour of your time to immerse yourself in the essence of the text. If you have trouble reading a book, start with 15 minutes a day. For example, set a timer on your smartphone, and focus on learning until you hear the sound of the alert.
  • Open your notebook and grab a pen when you sit down to read. It is very important to take notes manually. You don’t just have to write that information, you have to remember it. Handwritten notes are much more useful for assimilating information and using it later.
  • Begin a new section in your notes with each new chapter of the book. If the book is divided into many short chapters, repeat this structure in your entries. If the chapters are very voluminous, then form small semantic subsections by yourself.
  • If you see an idea you want to remember, write it down in your own words. Read the thought a few times, think about it, and then write it down as you normally describe things, understandable to you. This will make you think deeply about the idea, create a mental image of it, form a number of associations, and it will last in your memory for a long time.
  • If you have your own idea, write it down too. On the other hand, you’ve read a few ideas from the book, and that led you to your little conclusion, write it down too. Highlight your idea so you don’t lose it among the entries in the book.
  • If you see something you would like to work on in more detail, include it in your notes. It may be an interesting thought, a question, or a word you don’t understand. Think it over again and write it down in your own words. Check these entries to get back to them later.
  • Each small section or chapter should be finished with conclusions. Describe in your own words the main concepts and thoughts of this section, highlight them in a box.
  • When the timer is triggered, stop. Just close the book, notebook, and put them aside until the next day.
  • Later, when you have a few minutes, review your notes. Answer your questions and write them in your own words.

And then just repeat this every day.

When you’re done with the book, put it and your notebook aside for one or two weeks.

After that, go through all your records. Think it over and write a few sentences to sum up the book as a whole.

If everyone who invests in Forex brokers would take this matter seriously, there would be far less feedback on the fraudsters. So learn, friends, so you don’t have to call yourself a bona fide broker and increase your income wisely!