Is it true that the broker is stealing clients’ money

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770capital is a Forex broker that has left a significant mark in the development of trading on the open spaces of the Russian Internet. The company is not young, it has been operating since 2009, but it began to enjoy popularity in 2010-2011, when management revised its client policy.

The changes affected almost everything: from the level of services provided, to the design of the site. 770capital was one of the first to trade Forex trading on a web platform. This has enabled many traders to work with phones and tablets.

Moreover, the company has implemented a one-click order processing system. You can pre-configure all parameters, including stop loss and take profit. Due to this, the risk of losing money is minimal.

You can also note the fact that the company operates on legal grounds, has all the necessary documents and certificates. Accordingly, its activities are controlled by law, and those who write that 770capital scammers are simply engaged in anti-advertising.

The 770capital reviews are worthy of a lot due to the very responsive technical support. Employees of the company not only explain the features of the trading platform to beginners, but also help directly in the work.

Clients of the broker can easily consult on the account of the strategy, find out about the most profitable trading signals and use free analytical tools.

Of great importance is the fact that 770capital provides training. It would seem that it is difficult to read a couple of articles about trading on the network and delve into the topic? But in practice, not everything is so simple.

The Forex market is very volatile, new opportunities for earnings regularly appear, and existing trading mechanisms are modernized and improved.

770 capital reviews indicate that the broker provides the most relevant and useful training materials that impress even experienced traders. And this is a big plus, because it gives advantages over most customers of other sites.

But what about the trading conditions and the withdrawal of money? After all, this is the most important moment in the activities of any broker.

Forex 770capital
770capital scammers – these are the words of those who do not want you to make money on stock trading. After all, they are well aware that the company works on the principle of instant execution of orders, which guarantees the opening and closing of positions at the current price.

This means that the trader’s profit will be maximum. Most users do not have problems with cashing out funds. Reviews say that earnings come within 24-48 hours.

Sometimes there may be problems with bank transfers, but after clarifying the situation, it turns out that the withdrawal request was received on holidays or weekends. Therefore, funds arrive at the balance with a delay.

You can also find comments that criticize 770capital for a 2-point spread. Although, if you delve into this topic, you will understand how absurd it is.

Unlike most brokers, the company honestly orientates customers on the size of the commission. Many other companies indicate understated figures, but in fact they increase them several times. Especially if the trader has made a profitable bargain with a high income.

It is also worth noting 770capital reviews regarding promotions and bonuses. The broker practices a standard loyalty program, involving the issuance of additional funds for a deposit, depending on the amount of replenishment.

But this is not even interesting, but contests and competitions, in which customers can compete for prizes such as Tesla X or Range Rover. To win, you need to become the best trader for a certain period.

But those participants who do not take prizes will also enjoy pleasant bonuses in the form of cash rewards. Most importantly, funds are available for withdrawal.

Such an extensive arsenal of offers, confirmed by real customer reviews, allows us to conclude that 770capital is a professional and reliable broker who is nice to deal with.