Is Tokenexus We Can Trust?

Tokenexus scammers? Such harsh words for a company the online trading community sees legitimate and reliable. But could there be a truth in it?

Before we delve into the query, let’s get to know the company first. Tokenexus was established back in 2011 in the United States. It specializes in trading cryptocurrencies and offers Futures Contracts and Margin Trading. While it had not been made known, a review site had claimed the crypto exchange firm is indeed being regulated by an American financial authority. 

To satisfy the necessity of determining the regulatory body, the review team, subscribed to a thorough search of Tokenexus’ official site. The search rendered nothing. Clearly, the exchange site had made attempts at establishing a semblance of authority through its Disclosure Policy, KYC Policy, and API Policy.

While these policies are set in place, fact of the matter is, proof of legitimacy takes precedence in seeking the assistance of financial institutions and firms such as Tokenexus. Due to the absence of such, the image of the firm is put into question. This would only be quenched once the firm steps up and declares under which it is being regulated.

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Fortunately, the Tokenexus review team was able to find an extraneous resource that discloses the financial authority that Tokenexus follows. The review site declared that the firm is being regulated by two different authorities:

  1. Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC) in Vanuatu
  2. International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) in Russia

It is advisable that Tokenexus places this information on its website so as to easily announce its legitimacy to its users. 

The review team would further the assessment of the firm through the scrutiny of the following facets:

  1. Coins traded
  2. How to buy these coins
  3. eWallet used
  4. Website (legal documents)

This Tokenexus review is a result of months spent with the crypto exchange site. The review team had gone through all of the site’s functions and the firm’s offers and services. This literature is an attempt to a pointed and informed assessment of the firm’s over-all capability. This Tokenexus review is rendered to assist its readers to either sign up for the firm’s services or not. 

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Tokenexus Review: Offers and Services

Coins Traded

Tokenexus gives its clients access to 20 cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Beaxy, Litecoin, Waves, Boxx, and Ripple just to mention a few. 

Compared to other cryptocurrency exchange firms, Tokenexus is seen to trade only a few cryptocurrencies. Platforms such as Binance and Bittrex trades more coins, the former trading 100 coins and the latter trading over 190 lesser-known cryptos.

While review team recognizes that the limited number might appear limiting to crypto traders, it might also prove beneficial in that it gives its clients greater concentration and specialization. As this is the case, being given the choice among only 20 coins does not curtail the clients’ access to potential earnings.

How to Buy Coins Through Tokenexus

The Tokenexus site details how clients would be able to buy crypto tokens from the exchange. The education segment on how coins are purchased follows this specific pattern:

  1. What the coin being sold is
  2. How to buy the coin through the exchange and other rival crypto exchanges
  3. The purchase algorithm
  4. How to sell the coin

The discussions are lengthy and highly-detailed, educating clients effectively on which coins to buy and how to go about doing so.

eWallet Provided by Tokenexus

Tokenexus gives its clients access to a Crypto Online-Wallet. This is a multi-currency exchange wallet developed through the latest innovations in security technology. This eWallet can easily be viewed through any device, namely smartphones and tablets. As of the time of writing, Tokenexus’ developer team is working towards a web version of its proprietary crypto wallet.

In addition, Tokenexus also makes a mobile application, called Tokenexus Pro, available. This allows for the viewing of a user’s transaction and balance history. Analytics are also integrated within the application. It can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. 

The Tokenexus Website (Legal Documents)

While the review team initially saw the Tokenexus website as clean and with an inviting interface, fact of the matter is, a lot is left to be desired. 

Despite the fact that the inner pages for the coins that the firm trades are detailed and educational, these are peppered with broken links and questionable layout.

The content is belaboured and seeing them across different browsers renders different results. Some content cannot easily be seen and certain functions malfunction. This makes it challenging for users to get acquainted with the capabilities of the site.

But one feature that the site excels in is its posting of legal documents. Noteworthy is the KYC policy that details the stringent protocol users have to go through to submit application documents. The protocol entails the shooting of a video that shows the applicant with the documents that he or she is set to submit. This is asked so as to verify if the one submitting the documents is indeed the one who owns these documents.

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Tokenexus Customer Reviews

Through the review team’s research efforts, it had found out that there is a scarcity of Tokenexus customer reviews that say the firm is a fraudulent entity. Here are some of the statements found on the worldwide web that attest to Tokenexus’ image:

Tokenexus Scammers?

Given the statement above, the Tokenexus scammers tag simply cannot be proven. 

With the points discussed prior, trading cryptos through Tokenexus might prove lucrative and is therefore highly recommendable. The only points that the review have against it are its non-declaration of the regulatory body that it goes under within the site itself and the aesthetics and function of its website. 

It is recommended however that the reader practice further due diligence in searching for more Tokenexus customer reviews.

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