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The advent of information technology is associated with the emergence of the first computer machines. It has its origins in the 60’s of the last century. As a result, the IT market emerged a little later and the US took over, but the market grew so fast that companies in other countries were able to occupy a niche in it. It has also contributed to the fact that every modern enterprise needs IT and IT solutions, they are increasingly sought after. Where there is increased demand, there is always supply. The offers of the international IT company WizardsDev quickly gained popularity among market participants.

The Ukrainian city of Dnipro has become the place where a group of like-minded people opened the company’s first office. This happened in 2016 and three and a bit more years later WizardsDev changed the status of a regional company to an international one. Currently, the company’s offices are located in different countries of the world. In a relatively short period of time, the number of employees increased to 1,800 and the number of users exceeded 300,000. What made the company so popular and dynamic?  First, WizardsDev employs experienced, qualified specialists. They develop modern products using innovative technologies and always meet the customer, performing the most difficult tasks, high-load business projects. The company strictly approaches the selection of specialists who are distinguished by a high level of discipline, responsibility and efficiency.

Secondly, the company develops unique and sought-after products. Over the years, WizardsDev has created dozens of solutions for customers from different industries. Among these products, the high level of security of the MaxiPass password storage service stands out in the field of data protection. The mobile application for collecting analytical information was developed for the financial market, an online trading platform was created, an information application was commissioned for one of the financial publications, another client in the field of finance was satisfied with his order related to online TV and the like.

Thirdly, the demand, popularity and serious name wizardsDev in the information technology market make its customers. Among them are well-known global corporations healthcare organisations, media, data protection companies. Representatives of Finversia, Tendo, Umarkets, MaxiMarkets placed orders at WizardsDev and were satisfied with the final product. Now they continue to cooperate.

Fourthly, the company does not stand still and deals with self-development. Professional skills, knowledge, skills and skills require constant loading. That’s why WizardsDev introduced the training of its employees. It meetings are held every year, where speakers talk about the latest news related to information technology. At the conference in 2019, the main topic of discussion was the introduction of innovative blockchain registry technology in the development of IT. If your business needs a unique IT product and doesn’t know where to go to fulfill your order, you can be sure that WizardsDev will create high-quality software that will help solve the most unusual challenges facing your business. The company is always happy to see new customers.

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