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Joe DiNapoli

Jo DiNapoli – professional trader, founder of Coast Investment Software, Inc. . Regardless of the fact that its methods are suitable for any time frame of trading on the market, DiNapoli himself prefers intraday trading on the index market. He started earning money from the very beginning when the S&P index was introduced in 1982

Joe DiNapoli is a true Forex veteran. He has been trading for over 35 years. In addition, Joe is a tireless researcher, an internationally recognized lecturer and a very famous author. His formal education is in the study of electronic engineering and economics. Joe got his informal education at the so-called “Bunker” – a special trading place equipped with all the necessary electronic equipment. They simply call him Joe Trader. However, he himself so signs in his letters.

DiNapoli thoroughly researched the moved moving moving averages, created his own “Predicting Oscillator”, as well as a practically unique method of applying Fibonacci levels to the price axis. All this makes DiNapoli an outstanding financial market expert.

On his methods of work Joe told in all major financial capitals of Europe, Asia and America. Only in 1996 he held 23 lectures in various financially significant cities of the world. His works on technical analysis appear in leading financial commentators.

Joe DiNapoli is a co-author of the book “The Tops of Futures Trading, Masters’ Lessons,” which was recognized in 1990 as the Book of the Year. The most significant work of Joe DiNapoli to this day is his own book, “Trading Using DiNapoli Levels,” which is taken as the standard for students using Fibonacci trading methods.