Kondakov: “MetaTrader 4: learning to earn on FOREX”

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Konstantin Kondakov’s book – “MetaTrader 4: learning to earn on FOREX”

Trading platforms were developed specifically to facilitate the process of working on the Forex market. At the moment there are many terminals with various advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to single out the best or worst trading platform. It remains to rely on the general popularity of this terminal. And in this respect, the MetaTrader 4 trading platform has no competitors.

If the choice of platform is less clear, the question is how to work with it correctly, it is much more complicated. And here the Internet offers us a lot of educational literature, thematic video reviews and other good things. As with trading platforms, they all differ from each other, all have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose what? Choose what you want in your heart, but we can advise you. Buy the book “MetaTrader 4: learning to earn on FOREX”. The new book from the trader Konstantin Kondakov is really the most detailed instruction on working with the MetaTrader 4.

The book in question is simply necessary for a person who is just beginning to learn the basics of working in the foreign exchange market. Since the modern trader can no longer do without trading platforms, choosing in most cases MT4, the relevance of this book is unconditional.

Author tried to describe all aspects of working with the terminal in the simplest and most accessible form. 147 pages of “MetaTrader 4: learning how to earn on FOREX” are divided into chapters, which describe everything from the process of installing the terminal on your computer to the description of configuring the client terminal.

In the book, the author highlights such points as the basics of MT4 trading, describing the process of opening and closing trades, introduces readers to the type of orders, teaches how to manage pending orders, as well as how to close trading positions.

Technical analysis is an integral part of a trader’s successful Forex results. “MetaTrader 4: learning how to earn on FOREX” describes this phenomenon in detail, teaches how to work with graphical tools and how to place indicators on graphical bodies. It also tells about the charts themselves in MT4: how to build, configure and manage them, says about the settings of templates.

One of the most popular ways to get passive earnings is autotrading. In “MetaTrader 4: learning to earn on FOREX” the author examines this type of trading in detail, talks about the most important points and gives advice on the use of autotrading.

Regardless of the player’s qualifications in the Forex market, the book will be useful to everyone. There are currently no more detailed instructions for working with MT4. A beginner will use the book as a simple and easy tool to gain knowledge, and an experienced trader will be able to use the book as a reference.

The advantage of MetaTrader 4: learning to earn money in FOREX is not only the easy and accessible style of presentation, but also the accompaniment of stories illustrations that simplify the learning process. And as a prize, every customer will find in the book a 20% bonus for the first account opening in the dealing center FOREX MMCIS group.