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Larry Hite

Larry Height became interested in financial markets during one of the lectures. In fact, Hight’s childhood and student years did not predict his future success. Whatever the young guy did not take on, for a long time he was missing until he found himself in a dual profession – actor and screenwriter. Here, too, his success was not significant, although one of the film scenarios that never found its way into production was sold often enough for Larry to consider it a major source of income.

Once, Haight was fortunate enough to listen to a radio interview with the participation of G.L. Hunt, where he talked about his success story, by buying many cheap oil options. Thanks to this, he could receive unexpected, but impressive profits from time to time, especially not risking anything. That evening, Haight met with the Beatles manager Brianan Epstein. The impressions of Hunt and Epstein accumulated in Larry’s head, which served as a new course change in the career of a future successful trader. Looking at the manager of a rock band, Larry concluded that in this business you can earn big money with a minimum of investment. Heit then concludes several contracts for recording discs for several rock bands that, although they could not become stars, nevertheless, brought Larry relatively good money.

Inter alia, Larry’s main interest continued to be in the financial market. In 1968, Hight finally decided to devote himself to the main subject of interest. Passionate about futures markets, however, he had no idea how to approach them, so he chose the path of a stockbroker in the stock market. A few years later, he became a professional commodity broker.

It had to take more than 10 years for Larry Hite to make sure that he finally got to know the market so that he could make a lot of money from it. Several steps in long-term trading have led to Hite opening a company called Mint Investment Management Company. Larry clearly understands that his trading strategies must pass rigorous scientific tests. By accepting a partnership proposal without an immediate share from a PhD in statistics from Peter Matthews, Heyt takes it as a partner. A year later, Larry Height hires Michael Delman to develop computer systems for a security electronics company. Matthews and Delman bring not only new ideas but also mathematical analysis of statistical consistency of Hight’s trading concepts to the company Hight.

Mint’s course was not aimed at maximizing revenue every second. Hunt chose to achieve the maximum rate of return through tight risk control. This is the strategy – the risk-based profit has made the company famous. From the beginning of trade in April 1981 to the middle of 1988, the average total income of the company was 30%. More striking is the stability: every year, the profit percentage was between 13 and 60 percent, while the most negative for every six months was only 15 percent, which was less than 1 percent for the year.

Now it is not surprising that, starting with a start-up capital of $ 2 million, today, the Mint Investment Management Company manages more than $ 800 million.