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MMCIS investments

MMCIS investments investment fund started its work in 2004. At first, it was a closed-loop firm. Over time, it was decided to change the firm’s structure, and in 2006 the fund became open to anyone wishing to join MMCIS investments.

MMCIS investments Fund is, first of all, a professional team that makes the company a stable participant of the financial world, whose work is aimed at professional support of the client, provision of a wide range of services and protection of investors’ interests. At the moment, the company’s main focus is on the Russian-speaking clients from the CIS countries and neighboring countries.

Working with MMCIS investments is easy and, most importantly, profitable. The minimum investment amount is 2500 US dollars for a period of 3 months. The company accrues interest on a monthly basis. You can also withdraw money from the deposit every month. Thus, the investor can count on profit from the first month of cooperation. The main peculiarity of the fund is that the investor’s earnings make up a percentage of the total income of MMCIS investments, not from a single project.

Fund is a regular participant in various projects around the world. But, as it has already been said, the main benchmark of the company is the market of the CIS countries, where investment fund MMCIS investments is the main participant of venture financing. Under the terms of the company, it provides financial support of 1 billion dollars to the project, if the ratio of return on investment to risk is satisfactory. If third parties participate in the project, in the form of large banks, the fund provides support equal to 2 billion dollars.

Investment MMCIS investments fund provides a 100% guarantee of investment security from risks and pressure from external sources, so it is not in any of the major financial groups. The Foundation is completely independent.

The company provides its clients with all necessary support not only in the form of financing or capital increase, but also due to high-quality and relevant analytics. The fund employs a large staff of professional analysts and experts of stock markets, who qualitatively fulfill their obligations. In addition, MMCIS investments cooperates with one of the largest analytical structures in the world – Gartner.