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The question of how to make money in the Forex market loses its importance over time, and the reason for this is technological innovation. After all, now using a computer and a network connection you can not only understand how success in the currency market works, but also learn about the key concepts of the future. This is facilitated by online webinars, professional traders’ courses and many other educational materials that are freely available. Over the years, the number of Forex concepts has increased, but volatility is always important. In this article, we will understand what it is and consider the most volatile currency pairs.

What is volatility

Volatility translates from English as volatility. In the financial market, this term means the variable interest rate of an asset over a given period of time. Given the volatility of the price, it is possible to predict the movement of the asset exchange rate in one direction or another. Volatility affects all segments of the financial market, but its highest level can be seen in the Forex market.

Volatility depends on many factors, such as external (pandemies, global crisis) and national. Without volatility, that is, without changes in exchange rate pairs, the Forex market itself would most likely not exist.

More volatility and its indicators

To profit from volatility in trading, you need to know what its types are:

historical, indicating a real price change; expected, indicating the expected market movement; implied (used in the options market).

In order to assess volatility, traders use the following indicators:

Parabolic SAR; The will; ATR; Channels of variation.

Many default indicators are built into the functionality of trading platforms and some can be downloaded for free on the web.

najbardziej niestabilne pary walutowe trader globe 0 - Most volatile currency pairs - Globe tradernajbardziej niestabilne pary walutowe trader globe 1 - Most volatile currency pairs - Globe trader

Free currency pairs

As mentioned above, Forex volatility is the main concept. The change in exchange rates is influenced by many factors, both in the country in which you trade.

400″> Some volatile currency pairs did not arise many years ago and do not remain so for a long time. The reason is obvious. So far, the list of this consists of such currency pairs:


EUR Some of them beat about 100 points per day.

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