Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Famous traders


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However Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the owner of his own hedge fund “Empirica LLC” and holds the position of chief trader and trader of arbitrage transactions in several fairly large financial institutions, he considers himself a philosopher who studies the basics of knowledge, randomness and difficult to predict events. As for the positions held by this man, this is:

1. “Union Bank of Switzerland” – position of executive director and chief trader

2. “CS-First Boston is the chief trader’s position

3. “Banque Indosuez” is the chief trader’s position

4. “CIBC-Wood Gundy is an executive director.

5. “BNP-Paribas – position of arbitrage trader

6. “Chicago Mercantile Exchange is an independent market maker position

7. “Silvercrest-Longchamp NonGaussian Fund, BVI, Centaurus Capital LP Alpha Fund, Centaurus Kappa Fund – member of the Board of Directors.

He is also the author of two works – Dynamic Hedging” and “Fooled by chance”. The last book was once a bestseller on Wall Street and translated into 17 languages. Nassim Nassim Taleb himself knows about ten languages and is a follower of a tradition of skepticism that claims that the past cannot predict the future. It is on this statement that Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s attitude to all sorts of theories is justified – he believes that their rational use is rather tentative and that scientists, economists, historians, politicians, businessmen and financiers overestimate the significance of theories based on statistical data.

Among Thaled’s ancestors, many were engaged in political activities. The maternal grandfather and grandfather were deputy prime ministers of Lebanon, and the paternal grandfather served as supreme judge. His father was an oncologist, and Thalled himself worked only in the field of finance. In addition to the above posts, he worked in various brokerage firms in London and New York, received an MBA from Wharton School, and defended his thesis at the University of Paris.