How to read the economic news of the forex market

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Forex news presents major profitable opportunities for Forex traders. Behind the news we mean different releases of economic data. Every major economy regularly publishes statistical data such as GDP, inflation, unemployment and the like. If you track forex news online during these issues, you have a chance to make a lot of money.

However, we should warn you that potentially large profits always come hand in hand with great risks. Volatility fluctuations during these periods and prices can move in a chaotic manner. If you do not have a reliable


New York Stock Exchange


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New York is one of the largest cities in the world. The degree of development of this city can be judged not only by the number of population or standard of living, but also by the value that New York City has for the global currency and securities market. This city is the currency and financial center of the North American currency market and home to the world’s largest major stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange. In order to fully disclose this fact, it is worth noting


What determines the forex rate in the U.S.

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If you are reading this article, it means that you have decided to trade in the Forex market and that you will be lucky in this case. It’s an optimistic mood and it’s good. But if you are not a professional yet and do not know all the details of trading, then do not cry later, that the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar in the Forex market did not coincide with your forecast. Yes, forex is an opportunity to earn money, but it is also an opportunity … >>>

How are Forex sessions going?

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Forex market is so loved by all traders, because there is a possibility to trade from any corner of the world and at any time convenient for you. That’s why it is convenient to combine it with the main line of business, and spend time rationally. Forex sessions have their own schedule and are divided by regions: Asian, European, American and Pacific. The busiest Forex trading sessions begin with the opening of the American market, namely the New York market. After all, from the very beginning stock exchanges are associated … >>>

London Stock Exchange


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The majority of traders, brokers of other participants, the financial market is interesting in two ways – as a world currency market and as a stock market. As for the former, it does not have a clear structure, while the latter is a more orderly system of relations. The main structuring elements of the stock market are stock exchanges. Currently, the number of stock exchanges operating in the world is approaching two hundred. One of the largest stock exchanges holding leading positions in this list is London Stock Exchange


Forex gold market: forecast of analysts

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Today, the investment market is a popular option for earning money. For this reason, many users are actively starting their trading career.

In the first successful deal, beginners begin to absorb information about how to save their profit in case of asset rate volatility.

Willingly, users come across the concepts of “stop loss” and “take profit”. After that, the probability of profit loss is minimized to the set limits.

Stop Loss is an order, which the brokerage company receives from the trader, aimed at closing the trade when the asset’s


“Forex Fundamental Indicators” by Konstantin Kondakov

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Konstantin Kondakov’s book “How to See and Forex Forex Forex: Fundamental Indicators”

Trader’s work on the currency market is impossible without analysis of the situation. At the moment there are two basic methods of Forex market analysis – technical and fundamental. Experienced traders often try to create some hybrids of these two analyses, trying to find the golden mean of the two sources of information.


RTS Stock Exchange


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Russia is represented on the global stock market by RTS Group. However, the RTS group is a concept with has a broader meaning than the concept of “stock exchange”, as the latter is only one of the constituent parts of the infrastructure, united by the name of the RTS group. At present it also includes: OJSC “RTS Stock Exchange“, NP RTS, CJSC “RTS Clearing Center”, NPO “RTS Settlement Chamber”, CJSC “Depository Clearing Company”, OJSC “Ukrainian Exchange”, JSC “Commodity Exchange “UTS”, OJSC “Saint-Petersburg Exchange” and LLC “RTS-Tender”.


What forex forecast to use for a beginner to trade

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For online trading, a trader needs to understand the complex analysis of the market and forecast forex from leading forex experts. And no matter what level of experience you have in forex trading: you are an experienced trader or beginner, you will definitely use the forex forecast.

For all traders the forecast is a kind of conclusion of the analysis of market circumstances and a guide for activity. It does not mean that you have to blindly follow the recommendations offered by the financial expert. But, you can compare expert


Umarkets reviews: about the activities of the broker

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Umarkets, although not a very well-known company, but given that the broker is working for more than 10 years, it can be referred to as a time-tested organization. Let’s consider what it can be of interest to clients, and on what prospects from cooperation it is possible to count.

It is necessary to begin with that Umarkets works on the basis of licence IFSC. The company has the official legal status and renders services on the lawful bases.

Studying a site Umarkets, it is possible to allocate following advantages