RTS Stock Exchange


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Russia is represented on the global stock market by RTS Group. However, the RTS group is a concept with has a broader meaning than the concept of “stock exchange”, as the latter is only one of the constituent parts of the infrastructure, united by the name of the RTS group. At present it also includes: OJSC “RTS Stock Exchange“, NP RTS, CJSC “RTS Clearing Center”, NPO “RTS Settlement Chamber”, CJSC “Depository Clearing Company”, OJSC “Ukrainian Exchange”, JSC “Commodity Exchange “UTS”, OJSC “Saint-Petersburg Exchange” and LLC “RTS-Tender”.

RTS trading platforms

RTS Group appeared on the classic RTS market in 1995. In the same year, the RTS index began to be calculated, which, along with the MICEX index, became one of the main indicators of the stock market in Russia. Trading on the RTS stock exchange takes place not only on the stock and securities markets, but also on other markets using derivative financial instruments.

As it has already been said, the RTS stock exchange started on the classical trading floor – RTS Classica. It should be noted that, in addition to it, there are 7 more trading floors, which are also covered by the activities of the Russian Stock Exchange RTS. It’s:

  1. RTS Board – an over-the-counter market where shares of companies that were not listed on the RTS exchange for a number of reasons were presented
  2. RTS Derivatives Market – futures and options market in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is worth noting that this platform is the leader in the field of derivative financial instruments in this area
  3. RTS Money is an analogue of the Moscow Stock Exchange MICEX. However, Moscow Stock Exchangea in this segment is the undisputed leader, so the framework of RTS Money functioning is rather narrow – trading is conducted only on two currency pairs EUR/USD and USD/RUB
  4. RTS START is a trading platform for developing companies wishing to increase the degree of capitalization. It should be noted that the requirements imposed on this trading floor are somewhat higher than those imposed on the classical securities market.
  5. RTS Global is a platform where over-the-counter transactions with foreign issuers are concluded.
  6. RTS Standard – ruble share market.

RTS structure

JSC RTS Stock Exchange is an open joint-stock company, which positions its mission as a construction of the liquidity market of securitiesand derivative financial instruments. The aim is to involve as wide a range of actors as possible in monitoring the process. Anonymous and non-anonymous trading is possible with or without 100% deposit of assets, respectively.