Stories of CIS traders

MMCIS group or forex trust management project

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I make money trading on Forex, however, I do not consider myself a trader. Moreover, I do not even think that I understand anything in the principles of trading on the foreign exchange market, quotations, charts, the functioning of the trading terminal and other things that a trader must know. But this does not prevent me from receiving a monthly income of about 3,000 dollars exclusively in the foreign exchange market. The fact is that once I made a decision that changed my life – I decided to participate in


My MMSIS experience or pleasant surprises and bonuses

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I have worked with several brokers, including MMSIS. In my opinion, this is the broker that offers the most favorable conditions for traders. You can start trading on Forex with this dealing center without even depositing real money into your account – just win the contest on the website of mmcis ua and you will have money on your account for which you can trade. Another nice gift from the company is a 50% bonus on the initial deposit. This condition is unique – no broker has ever offered


Long way to forex MMCIS group


viktor mamonov 224x300 - Long way to forex MMCIS groupWith broker forex mmsis group I was introduced to my friend, an experienced trader. Until forex trading became my professional field, I tried twice to start my own business, but none of my attempts were successful, so I ended up having to apply for an office job in order to support my family somehow. However, since these activities have overpowered all my life principles, I have made another attempt at the earliest opportunity to move towards financial independence on my own.

It was a coincidence that I met my


The truth about the investment fund MMCIS Investments

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Not so long ago I considered bank deposits as the only way to store money. It was a bit disappointing that the interest rates were low and often quite high, but at the time I was not aware of any alternative ways of storing the money. Once I read in an article that there is such an investment fund MMCIS Investments. According to the author of the article MMCIS Investments lohotron, all activities of which are based on fraudulent scheme of internet investments. After reading the article, I did


Veronika Tarasova – cheater at Forex Trend

varonika tarasova1 - Veronika Tarasova - cheater at Forex Trend


Veronica Tarasova

Have you ever wondered how people like Veronica Tarasova, a trader, achieve their goals? She must have come a long way in her career. Looking at the results of her career growth, you can’t help but realize that she has definitely graduated from a European university and has an experience of working at the European exchange.

But in fact, this story is disappointing. A trader is not a trader at all. It’s just a well-prepared character who has grown in the eyes of Forex Trend customers


5 years of trading with Alexey Mikhailov’s MMSIC Group

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Forex trading has been my professional field for five years already. During this time I’ve worked with several brokers, however, the conditions that would be fully consistent with my ideas about mutually beneficial online trading, I found only recently on the site I’ve heard of MMSIC GRUP, before, but I mistakenly thought that the scope of its activities is limited to investments. As it turned out, there is another mmsic project – a world-class broker, headed by a professional trader, professor of the Academy of Stock Exchange Trading


Review about FOREX MMCIS of Lugansk trader


Finding ways to get additional earnings, I have faced with the description of all sorts of options, however, none of them seemed to me profitable enough. Since the driving force behind all my searches was a specific goal – the purchase of an apartment – the source of income was subject to certain requirements, in particular in terms of matching the amount of time spent with the amount of profit received. Having considered and discarded a lot of options, as a result, I stopped at online trading, as trading


Forex MMCIS – lottery? My story about MMSIS GRUP

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With the work of the company mmsis grup I am familiar with the comprehensive: from trading on Forex to participation in the affiliate program. I can authoritatively say that company mmsis – one of the best existing at the moment in Ukraine. This statement swings all spheres of activity of MMSIS GRUP.


Trader Sven (Pavel Svantsev)

pavel svantcev - Trader Sven (Pavel Svantsev)

Pavel Svantsev

Investors from all over the CIS continue to file complaints to online forex communities and rating portals against Forex Trend, which refused to fulfill its financial obligations. Starting from the second half of July, serious problems with withdrawal of funds began in this dealing center, and in August the customer support service stopped answering their calls. According to the most likely scenario, this broker, which turned out to be a financial pyramid, will soon disappear from the market, taking with it the capital of deceived investors.