The Tradeallcrypto Crypto Broker: A Review

This Tradeallcrypto review aims at rendering a pointed assessment regarding the brokerage’s services and offers. The review team responsible for noting the results had spent months of testing all the functions purposefully created by the broker’s developers for its users. The tests run on this Tradeallcrypto crypto broker included the use of all the company’s trading tools and all its website functionality. 

Exhaustive in nature, the review team aims at helping interested parties in making a decision for or against the enlisting of the broker’s services. 

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Initial Findings

It is advised to the readers of this Tradeallcrypto review, to take all the points raised here with a grain of salt. There is an apparent scarcity in the review literature written for this Tradeallcrypto crypto broker in light of its tenure of the industry. It is highly likely that this review, along with the few that another companion website had produced about the broker is among the first ones. 

The review team also dwells on one important goal: to disprove or affirm Tradeallcrypto fraud allegations. 

Tradeallcrypto Review

This Tradeallcrypto review focuses on the following facets of the cryptocurrency brokerage:

  1. The legal parameters set by the company for its clients
  2. The regulatory body that Tradeallcrypto’s operates under
  3. The trading education tools that can be found on the trader’s platform and website
  4. The trading software the broker offers
  5. The trading accounts that the firm had created for its users
  6. Its standout offers 

1. Legal Parameters

Tradeallcrypto’s website developers had furnished it with inner pages detailing the legal parameters that the clients and the broker itself must follow. These legal provisions include the “Terms and Conditions” segment, the “Risk Disclosure Policy, Privacy Policy “,” Refund and Return Policy, and the “Anti-Money Laundering” disclosure protocol. 

Suffice it to say, these segments establish the legality and, by extension, the legitimacy of the brokerage. These legal provisions also places responsibility and liability that traders should observe once caught in legal concerns regarding Tradeallcrypto’s services. What this tells the average crypto trader is that the clients who are willing to execute transactions with the Tradeallcrypto crypto broker are educated with possible liabilities that both parties may incur upon execution of trades. This serves the purpose of avoiding possible complaints and grievances from both ends. 

2. Regulatory Bodies and Financial Authorities

Much to the dismay of the review team, Tradeallcrypto had not declared in any of the site’s segments if it is being regulated by any international or local financial authority. 

The firm’s official website does not make it clear if the TLM Ltd., the umbrella company that Tradeallcrypto had come from shares the same regulator with the firm. It does confirm however, that it legally operates within the Grandines. But this does not, in any way account for the company’s financial authority. 

This fact alone does not help Tradeallcrypto’s reputation and status. 

3. Educational Tools

The presence of a comprehensive set of educational materials available through Tradeallcrypto’s site factor in quite well into the firm’s projection as a client-centric entity. 

Through the site, traders are availed of an economic calendar, real-time market news, up-to-date market reviews, and a complete spread table. 

The Tradeallcrypto crypto broker also makes a direct assistance of 27 technical specialists available to clients. 

4. Trading Platform Offered

Tradeallcrypto is seen as a MetaTrader-only crypto exchange. The review team deems it a wise move to partner with industry titan, MetaQuotes to offer MetaTrader 4’s (MT4) web version. 

MT4 is considered by many to be highly-efficient and highly-intuitive. Its easy-to-navigate interface creates favourable trading conditions for clients. For these reasons, MT4 and the latter version, MT5, is recommended strongly by industry experts. The only thing that the review sees as an opportunity for further growth is for Tradeallcrypto to provide the desktop application as well, not just its web version.

Provision of the MT4 platform also entails a systematic and tedious acquisition of license, something that can only be allowed for legitimate brokerage firms. This answers the question of the firm’s legitimacy in part, given that they are able to provide the MT4 platform.

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5. Types of Trading Account

Tradeallcrypto makes five (5) types of trading accounts available to its clients: 

5.1. Start Account

This type of account only requires a minimum deposit of $250 to $3,000. This trading account gives clients a bonus of only 50%. It follows the standard rules for withdrawal procedures. Through this account, clients are privy to a number of analytical materials, educational materials, and a broker introduction.   

5.2. Silver Account

The Silver Account requires a minimum deposit of $3,001 to $10,000. The generic offers that clients are given through the Start Account are also available through this account. The only thing that differentiates the two is this account’s provision of a financial analyst.

5.3. Gold Account

A trader can open a Gold Account through a minimum deposit of $10,001 to $50,000. The only standout feature of this account is its individual weekly review of the client’s trading account. This will be done by a financial analyst for at least 30 minutes every session. 

5.4. Platinum Account

The Platinum Account can be opened for $50,001 to $100,000. Apart from the other offers, this account facilitates an individual weekly review for 2 hours every session. The account also provides a trading plan and helps the trader develop a trading strategy. 

5.5. VIP Account

The most expensive in all Tradeallcrypto accounts, the VIP account is opened through a minimum deposit of $100,001 and above. On top of the previously-mentioned offers from the other accounts, clients are availed of financial reviews performed whenever the trader wants to regardless of duration. The account holders are also aided in creating quarterly or annual trading plans, the development of a trading strategy, and provided with various trading tools and techniques. 

It can already be observed that opening an account with Tradeallcrypto costs money. The only dismal about this is that the first 3 accounts don’t bear any major differences despite the huge differences in price. 

6. Standout Feature

Tradeallcrypto employs the Know Your Client (KYC) Protocol. This function allows for a more stringent verification process. The review team sees the KYC Protocol as an effective security policy that requires multiple documents, specifically a Proof of Identification, Residence, and copies of the client’s credit card. 

This policy heavily suggests that the Tradeallcrypto crypto broker extends all it capabilities to secure all its traders’ personal data. This further telegraphs that the company recognizes its own accountability and that it is also sharp in protecting itself from potential liabilities incurred from associating with users.

Tradeallcrypto Customer Reviews: Client Testimonies

As already mentioned in the introduction, the firm has yet to receive other broker reviews. As this is the case an online search of Tradeallcrypto customer reviews will render little to no results. As such, searching for Tradeallcrypto customer reviews that have actual client testimonies might only prove to be a practice in futility.

What the review team had found out about the brokerage regarding its more client-centric features is the broker’s strict adherence to the Terms and Conditions. Its KYC Policy is also seen as potent for filtering legitimate clients from the possibly fraudulent ones. The firm’s Anti-Laundering policy also effectively eliminates possible shady and fraudulent individuals. 

What turns off the review team is the firm’s apparent lack of a regulatory board. This ultimately throws suspicion on Tradeallcrypto. And the fact that there is also an absence in Tradeallcrypto customer reviews is not helping to clear its name. 

The question is then asked: is Tradeallcrypto a fraud or not?

Tradeallcrypto Fraud?

Tradeallcrypto fraud? This suspicion cannot be helped especially when no regulatory or financial authority is declared from the firm’s end. And even though there are no customer reviews that alleged the firm as a fraud, the lack of testimonies does not help in affirming a positive reputation.

This is something that cannot easily be shrugged off given that opening accounts through the Tradeallcrypto crypto broker costs a lot. 
If one is still interested in signing up for Tradealllcrypto, the review team suggests that he or she look hard into Tradeallcrypto’s live site. It is also advised to look intently across the web for more brokerage options.

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