Veronika Tarasova – scam as forex trend manager

veronika tarasova oszustwo jako menedzer forex trend 0 - Veronika Tarasova - scam as forex trend managerVeronica Tarasov

Have you ever wondered how people like entrepreneur Veronika Tarasova are achieving their goals? She certainly had to go a very long way through her career. Looking at the results of her career, one cannot help but realise that she has definitely graduated from a European university and has experience working on a European stock exchange. But in fact, this story is disappointing. The entrepreneur turns out not to be an entrepreneur at all. He’s just a well-promoted figure who grew up in the eyes of Forex Trend clients thanks to the internet. Veronica – a simple puzzle in a large scheme of scam company, which is usually called nothing but a scam. She used to be a small company – selling spine massagers. In just a few years it has reached huge PAMM accounts. Some people spend 10 or more years to achieve such results. At this point, it is worth thinking – how can you achieve this whole girl in such a short time?

How it all started

Official sources claim that Veronica learned about what Forex and the foreign exchange market was in 2008. She then traded with a broker from Alpari. A few years later, in 2010, Veronica already worked at Forex Trend, where she is listed today. Manages three PAMM accounts with numbers 7185, 7187 and 9035.

In fact, the girl – only advertising, because the results of the company’s auction are a mere forgery. Look at how these people work on camera: solid memorized phrases and nothing else. Any deviation from jagged text causes these people to stand still. All their words are also ads about how multifaceted earnings are in the foreign exchange market.

Let’s take a closer look at Veronica’s personal blog. Site domain –, according to the history of the address, was registered for the first time in October 2010, and the girl began its activity a month later, in November 2010. It turns out that she started cooperation with the company and regularly participated in its projects before the creation of PAMM.

It is very interesting and her supposedly personal email. Tarika Business Group, which is directly related to the Forex market, is also registered in It. It turns out that the personal mailbox is not personal, and Veronika Tarasova herself – just advertising bait for new customers. It’s just a beautiful cover.

As a masseur becomes a super-entrepreneur

All that has been written above is only a fraction of the interesting facts. By clicking on the link, you will find yourself on the state’s internet resource, through which you can find data about Veronica Tarasowa, including even a mobile phone number. After that you just need to go to the popular search engine and enter this number in the phone search bar. Then you can easily get information, judging by which, Veronika Tarasova – from the city zaporozhye and, most interestingly, since May 2011 sells massagers back on the Internet.

As payment uses web-mani wallet 113045338147, which is owned by It is not difficult to see in the wallet information on the payment system website. These are deceptive schemes. In the Forex market, this situation is not uncommon. In this way, she got her start-up capital by selling massagers, and the forextrend pyramid eventually went bankrupt and began to deceive clients. Is it a sincere high, and is it possible to build a real business with such managers?

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