XCritical Company embodies a modern approach to trading

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A few years ago, there was no sign of XCritical’s emergence and rapid development in the Forex market. But several enthusiasts came up with the idea to develop a product that would meet the latest requirements and be popular. No one can understand what brokers need better than brokers. Thus, at the turn of 2015-2016, the idea of creating a startup was born.

Three years later, the startup became a modern company with a large number of employees. Today, XCritical’s offices are located in Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. Experienced developers supply the market with the most popular products, including the well-known XCritical platform. Since the company was created by brokers, they were well aware of the shortcomings of all existing terminals and the need to improve their work. The XCritical terminal was appreciated by the market participants right after its development. Among the numerous advantages, the possibility of trading with any device is mentioned first of all. The platform has a lot of built-in functions: quick deposit option, various charts, special analytical advisor Autochartist and much more. Perhaps, the main advantage over competitors is the speed of order execution.

The company has not limited itself to the platform. Another product CRM XCritical is a powerful tool that allows you to increase sales and encourages further deposits, as it provides absolute access to personal, marketing and trading data. CRM allows employees of brokerage companies to call customers directly via IP-telephony and record the history of communications with them. In addition, thanks to the product, it is possible to follow those clients who are currently on the site, came to replenish the deposit or studied the analytical information.

Following the principle that work should be equally enjoyable and profitable, XCritical’s management team tries to create better conditions for its employees. Special attention is paid to the professional development of all team members. In addition, employees receive the entire social package, including medical insurance, when they join the company. Pleasant bonuses include free sports, corporate holidays, birthday greetings, and joint leisure time activities. Such events allow us to unite the team and take a break from work. The question of why programmers want to settle in XCritical disappears.

Svetlana Korosteleva joined XCritical more than a year and a half ago and already considers herself a veteran of the company. At first the tasks seemed too complicated to her, but thanks to her experienced colleagues she managed to cope with the difficulties quite quickly. Svetlana considers friendly relations and mutual assistance to be the main ingredients for success. In addition, she has the opportunity to do what she loves and get a decent salary for it. Valery Borzenko agrees with Svetlana, but the main thing for him is to acquire new knowledge, he has the opportunity to constantly learn from more experienced developers. Being part of a team that creates innovative products is very important to him. XCritical can always predict the emerging needs of the forex industry and present the best solutions in advance. This is what makes the company unique.